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The latest technology is the domain and the feature, that distinguishes Phenix company from the competitors.


Phenix 20.000mm H2O – This extremely durable fabric is the latest result of many years research. Phenix 20.000mm H2O provides the best waterproof function, breathability and protection from the wind.  This excellent fabric allows you to keep yourself warm and dry during your skiing even in extreme conditions. Since FW15 season the fabric is used across all product lines.


Ergonomic Design - Carefully patentedby its R&D Center Phenix ergonomically designed skiwears give maximum freedom of movement.


3 – D AIR CUTTING – By analysis we realize that the new 3-D cutting technique well matches the modern ski style. Generally most of the pressure of wear goes to your shoulder where you start feeling tired as soon as you put on any heavy gear. Thanks to this new cutting

technique, about 85% Clothing Pressure of the wear exerted to the shoulders can efficiently be reduced so as to make you feelthe way the wear is floating in the air instead of putting on you. You may even forgot you actually are wearing it.